Switch Glo

SwitchGlo Pro TX Controlled, Onboard Glow Driver/Igniter

SKU Number: SGPRO-V6: Price $64.99

Product Description:

SwitchGlo Pro is a revolutionary onboard glow driver that simply plugs into an RX receiver
channel and requires no re-charging or additional batteries. It will accept any voltage input
between 4V and 9V. Because of its unique and highly efficient voltage regulation technology,
SwitchGlo Pro draws an insignificant 0.4mAh per 1 second of glow time and will not noticeably
drain your battery. Total onboard weight is only 25 grams including the pig tail.
“Know when you Glow” with an audible buzzer that can also assist in locating a lost craft.
SwitchGlo helps you diagnose starting problems with a single beep when detecting an open
circuit, indicating you that your glow plug is spent, and greatly reducing time wasted
You can program mix SwitchGlo Pro just like any other servo on your craft. SwitchGlo Pro has a
4 switch SIP with a built in servo reverser for Y harnessing and an adjustable 15 second Auto
Shut-Off setting or set to always ON. This allows you to adjust for every possible installation and
program mix, from eliminating dangerous Helicopter “Hot Starts”, to “Low Throttle Mixes” for
preventing stall outs during Airplane taxiing and final approach, SwitchGlo Pro can do it all.
No more struggling with lost or forgotten hand held ni-starters, broken remote cables, or dead
batteries. SwitchGlo Pro is ready to work for you every time you power on your craft!