Push Glo Ignitor

PushGlo Push-Button, Onboard Glow Driver/Igniter

SKU Number: PG Suggested Retail: $34.99

Product Description:

PushGlo is an innovative onboard glow driver that requires no re-charging or additional
batteries. It simply plugs into an RX receiver channel. PushGlo will accept any voltage input
between 4V and 9V. It can also be “Y” harnessed and share power with another servo, because
of its unique and highly efficient voltage regulation technology. PushGlo draws an insignificant
0.4mAh per 1 second of glow time and will not noticeably drain your battery.
PushGlo ignites your glow plug with the push of a button. “Know when you Glow” with an
audible buzzer that also helps you diagnose starting problems. Each incremental press adds 12
seconds, up to 60 seconds of continuous glow time. A single beep alerts you of an open circuit,
indicating you that your glow plug is spent, and greatly reducing time wasted troubleshooting.
No more struggling with lost or forgotten hand held NiCad starters, broken remote cables, or
dead batteries. PushGlo is ready to work for you every time you power on your craft!